About us

Dovido has been helping to beautify households since 2019. It is true that our journey does not take long. Even though we are a young company, we have high ambitions to achieve something big.


Our goal is to satisfy the requirements of all, even the most demanding customers. We want to bring a smile with even the smallest decoration. Every little thing counts, and the accumulated little things create an indescribable feeling of happiness. We are interested in home design, so we plan to follow trends and create new products that could decorate your interior. We try to make our offer varied. Each of you has a unique style and our wish is that really everyone can choose something special.


Our story

Our journey began long ago. We were fascinated by the idea of transforming space relatively cheaply and easily. There was only one thing left, to realize what our minds had been playing with for a long time. We started just like any online store. We sold home accessories, wallpapers and paintings. However, it did not take long and we found that it was not enough for us. That we want something more, and especially something of our own. To offer something we will be proud of, something made with love.


So we decided to start making pictures. We have procured a printer whose technology is described as the most environmentally friendly. In order for the image to be properly stretched on the frame, we decided to purchase an image framing device. We provided and processed the motifs, trying to differentiate them from other e-shops. We have invented our own packaging so that the picture is delivered safely that our customer, which does not have to bother with hanging aids and, most importantly, so that our products caresses the soul when the package is opened. We only needed one thing to make our own frames. Over time, this goal also became a reality. Today we can say that we have the whole process of painting production in our own hands. The dovido paintings are adorned with a few more little things, with the help of which it is impossible not to notice that we are really thinking of our customer.




Our team

We help each other with everything in our dovido family. Together we want to build a brand that not only we, but also each of our customers is proud of. We are a young, reliable and ambitious team. Our team focuses on marketing, supply management, customer support, order fulfillment, print service, frame production, packaging and shipping. At present, we even have our own graphic designer, who turns her designs into unique and always up-to-date works of art. We also have our own bloggers who provide articles for our dovido magazine. Dovido is not just an online store, it is also a place where you can get an inspiration.


Our vison

You will find our satisfied customers not only in Slovakia but also in other parts of Europe. Dovido beautifies households in Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Poland and Romania. We plan to expand to other countries in the near future and gradually become a leader in Europe. We want to build a brand that will be recognizable, a product that will be proudly found in the homes of our customers. Therefore, we do not forget about our product offer. We are currently focusing our efforts on producing our own posters, which will be unique thanks to our graphic designer. We plan to constantly develop our activities and later expand the production of paintings by our own production of wallpapers. Thanks to our hard work, we believe that products made with love will get you too.


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