Poster with mount Fuji volcano

*dimensions are given in cm in ratio width x height

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Choice of 3 frame colours Choice of 3 frame colours
Also available with passe-partout Also available with passe-partout
Suitable as a gift for a modern interior Suitable as a gift for a modern interior
Photopaper with weight of 200 g/m² Photopaper with weight of 200 g/m²

Catalog number: p923+p   Manufacturer: Dovido

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Product description and specifications

Posters are a great solution for people who want to change the look of their interior easily, quickly, and at minimal cost. All you need is one poster to change the appearance of the room. If you want something more distinctive and extravagant, you can always choose more posters and create your gallery, which is guaranteed to create a themed atmosphere.

Unique themes from our team

The posters are the results of our graphic designer. She creates special themes that you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else. She keeps the posters up to date, tuning them to the colors according to current trends. Posters are a great decoration that fits into any interior. In addition to posters from a graphic designer, you will also find themes that are the result of a precise selection from our skilled team at Dovido.


Available poster sizes (in cm)

We have posters in four sizes in the ratio width x height, specifically in sizes:

20x30 | 30x45 | 40x60 | 60x90 |

Poster sizes are indicated with a frame.

Available frame colors

■ White

■ Black

■ Silver

Warning! Posters are not built into the frame. They are delivered separately. By ordering a poster, you will receive a separately printed poster and a separate frame. But don't be discouraged, inserting a poster is easy. Everyone can do it!




With or without a mount!

Here you will find posters with or without a mount. It is not possible to choose whether you want a passepartout or not for individual posters. If the poster has a mount, it is stated in the title. The ecru passepartout accentuates the colors and creates another contrast between the graphics, frame, and wall. In addition, it creates a subtle impression of the 3D frame. If you want a simpler design, posters without a mount are the right thing for you. They are a minimalist accessory that fits into any interior.




High-quality materials

The posters are printed using HD technology on high-quality paper with a weight of 200 g / m2 while ensuring perfect color reproduction. The prints are resistant to UV radiation, thanks to which the colors do not fade even after long-term exposure to sunlight. The posters and frames themselves are made of safe, odorless materials, so they are suitable for any room, bedroom, or children's room. Despite high-quality materials, we do not recommend placing posters in places with high humidity.

Easy to hang

The posters come separately with a frame. The front part is protected by plexiglass. On the back, there is an MDF (wood fiber) board on which two wall mounts for hanging are attached. Part of the back side clips (flexi spikes), which are used to fix the poster in the frame.

Our tip: You will achieve a modern look if you just place the poster on the floor or the furniture and lean it against the wall.




Safe packaging

The printout is securely placed between the cartons. Then the printout and frame are packed in a durable cardboard box (5 in) and sent directly to you. As these are fragile products, the box also includes information on fragile goods, which reduces the degree of damage during transport.


Specifics of posters in general

1. Printed on quality paper with a weight of 200 g / m2

2. Posters are available in 4 sizes (20x30, 30x45, 40x60, 60x90)

3. Choice of 3 frame colors (white, black, silver)

4. Posters and frames are made of safe, odorless materials (also suitable for children's rooms)

5. The poster print and the frame are delivered separately (inserting the poster print into the frame is easy)

6. The front part is protected by plexiglass

7. The MDF board, which forms the rear part of the frame, contains 2 hooks for hanging

8. The printout is placed between the cartons and then packed together with the frame in a 5vl cardboard box


The poster on the wall is a decorative element of every modern place that intends to go with the current trends.

Category Nature
Location To the office, To the living room, To the hall, To the sleeping room
Pictures technology Printed, With frame, On photo paper
Number of pieces 1-piece
The look of posters Portrait, With passe-partout
Benefits of USP Posters Choice of 3 frame colours, Also available with passe-partout, Suitable as a gift for a modern interior, Photopaper with weight of 200 g/m²
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