Set of pictures flowers in vintage style

Catalog number: set235   Manufacturer: Dovido

*dimensions are given in cm in ratio width x height

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Catalog number: set235   Manufacturer: Dovido

Product description and specifications

Unique picture sets

Beautiful sets of pictures that will enchant every visitor and make the atmosphere of your home more pleasant. Sets are the result of an honest selection of pictures that have related elements. These can be, for example a motif or colour tuning. Bring the empty walls to life with a collection that will stand out like a icing on the cake. Try the current trend, such as picture sets.




Place them, as you like!

Despite the number of parts, the picture sets are universal and variable. Their advantage is that you can place them on the wall as you like! Do you like pieces next to each other? Below each other? Alternately? It's up to you how you place them and fine tune them with the rest of the room. If one set is not enough for you and you have enough space, there is nothing stopping you from getting another collection and creating your own gallery that everyone will admire.


Available set sizes:

The sets consist of 4 parts. They are produced in the size of 4x (40x40) or 4x (60x60).

Part dimensions (in cm)

40x40:         40x40 | 40x40 | 40x40 | 40x40 

60x60:         60x60 | 60x60 | 60x60 | 60x60 




Print of the highest quality

The picture sets are printed on high-quality elastic canvas with a weight of 370 g / m2, canvas is made of a mixture of cotton and polyester. The quality of pictures lies not only in the material itself, but also in the technology used. Pictures are printed slowly in high quality, printing guarantees color saturation (12-16 pass, ink density 200), so you do not have to worry about indistinct images. The printing uses environmentally friendly, odorless inks that do not release harmful substances into the air, so you can place the picture in any room.


Printed on the sides

You can hang the sets of pictures in your interior immediately! The canvas is properly stretched on a frame made of quality wood. The frame is made of framing slats, which are designed directly for the production of paintings. The sets include holders that are located on each part and you will find them located on the back. There are also densely located buckles on the back.


Secure packaging

The picture collections created for you are wrapped in a thick bubble wrap. After quality control, the pictures are sent in a durable cardboard box (5vl) directly to you. As these are fragile products, the box also contains information about fragile goods, which reduces the degree of damage during transport.



Specifics of sets in general

1. Printed on quality canvas weighing 370 g / m2 (cotton and polyester blend)

2. They do not require an additional frame

3. Printed using modern plotters - color saturation (12-16 pass, ink density 200)

4. They contain densely situated buckles

5. The parts are immediately ready for hanging (holders on the back, nails)

6. Packed in a 5vl cardboard box


The biggest advantage is that you can place the sets in any way and combine them safely with another collection from our offer. Create a set of pictures that will resemble a magnificent gallery.


So little is enough that you can decorate your interior with something special.

Category Set of pictures
Location To the hall, To the kitchen, To the living room, To the sleeping room
Pictures technology Framed, On canvas, Printed
Number of pieces 4-pieces
Benefits of USP sets 4 images tuned to similar motifs and colours, Immediately ready to be hang, Possibility of placement according to your own ideas, Premium canvas 370 g/m²
Free shipping Free shipping over
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