Self adhesive wallpaper lilies in a romantic design

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Catalog number: A1-SFT1458sam   Manufacturer: Artgeist

Product description and specifications

Self adhesive wallpapers are a great solution for those who want to revive their interior with minimal effort. This home decoration is very practical, does not require much time, the application is fast and you do not need specialists for gluing wallpaper or other accessories. You can handle everything playfully and renovate your home completely without help. Properly chosen wall mural can create the illusion of a larger space. Even the most demanding customers will enjoy our wide range of sizes and designs.

Self adhesive wallpapers are an universal product. It is possible to beautify the whole surface of the wall or only a part of it, or small parts on the partitions, bar, kitchen island and even on the furniture, as self adhesive photo wallpapers can also be used for veneering furniture. Thanks to so many uses, you can enjoy your favorite pattern throughout the apartment, on different surfaces!

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Print of the highest quality

The self adhesive photo wallpaper is printed with HD technology with a resolution of up to 600 dpi, thanks to which the colours are vivid and the details are distinctive regardless of the size of the wallpaper. The print is applied on a self adhesive foil with a matt surface with a weight of 50 g / m2. The material and the print itself are waterproof and resistant to UV radiation. The result is colours that do not fade even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Safe materials

Self adhesive wallpaper is made of safe, odorless materials, so it is suitable for any room, even a bedroom or children's room.

Simple application

Before the application itself, make sure that the surface (of wall or furniture) is properly prepared, degreased, free of unevenness, dust, paint residues and the like. It is important to follow the gluing procedure. Glue the photo wallpaper in strips, gradually peel off the protective foil from the top, and then remove any air bubbles that may form during gluing. Quick and easy, no worries. Removing wallpaper is just as easy!

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Safe packaging

The wallpaper created for you is sent in a 49 cm wide roll, which needs to be cut separately. After quality control, each roll is wrapped in a protective foil and then in a cardboard box.

Self adhesive wallpapers are universal decorations that can become a decoration of any room, not only the living room or bedroom, but also the kitchen or bathroom. In our offer you will find a number of designs that will appeal to lovers of modern style. We have not forgotten traditional motifs that can create an unprecedented atmosphere in the right interior.


Warning: we do not recommend applying self adhesive wallpapers to places with high humidity or to places where they are in direct contact with water.

Dimensions of parts:
98x70:     49x70 49x70
147x105: 49x105 49x105 49x105
196x140: 49x140 49x140 49x140 49x140
245x175: 49x175 49x175 49x175 49x175 49x175
294x210: 49x210 49x210 49x210 49x210 49x210 49x210
343x245: 49x245 49x245 49x245 49x245 49x245 49x245 49x245
392x280: 49x280 49x280 49x280 49x280 49x280 49x280 49x280 49x280
441x315: 49x315 49x315 49x315 49x315 49x315 49x315 49x315 49x315 49x315

Category Wallpapers
Location To the office, To the sleeping room
Wallpaper technology For wood, Self-adhesive

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