Self adhesive photo wallpaper for kitchen red poppies

Catalog number: P115236   Manufacturer: Dimex

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Catalog number: P115236   Manufacturer: Dimex

Product description and specifications

Self adhesive photo wallpapers with motifs of food & drink will fit perfectly into your kitchen! Enjoy your food or favorite drinks indoors according to your ideas.

Are you thinking about changing your interior and don't know where to start? In our e-shop we offer self adhesive photo wallpapers, also called self adhesive foils, which are most suitable for all non absorbent surfaces. As the name implies, a non absorbent surface is one that does not absorb the adhesive applied to the back of the wallpaper. We recommend gluing self adhesive wallpapers on a smooth surface!

Self adhesive wallpapers for the kitchen

Self adhesive wallpapers are again a modern matter. Thanks to their timelessness and modern design, they will create a perfectly stylish look in your kitchen! Exchange old fashioned tiles for vector graphics, images and photographs. Photo wallpapers for behind kitchen counter are a trendy solution if you are looking for a change. Remember that not only good food but also a pleasant atmosphere increases the quality of dining. Enjoy the time spent in the kitchen with your loved ones to the fullest!




Advantages of self adhesive photo wallpapers

Self adhesive wallpapers have several advantages. In addition to retaining colour, they are washable and abrasion resistant. You can use the practical features of a self adhesive photo wallpapers in your kitchen! Advantages of a self adhesive photo wallpapers for the kitchen are:

  • they have a high quality surface, that is made of PVC material,
  • they have a laminated surface,
  • thanks to the laminated surface they are resistant to water and steam,
  • the surface of photo wallpapers is washable with a common cleaning agent if necessary, ,
  • wallpapers have a smooth and semi-matt surface,
  • they also have a high quality digital printing,
  • application of photo wallpapers is simple.


Self adhesive kitchen wallpapers are available in 3 sizes:

 KI-180 180x60cm | KI-260 260x60cm | KI-350 350x60cm


If you do not know how to apply a self adhesive photo wallpapers, this guide will help you


Category Wallpapers
Location To the kitchen
Wallpaper technology Self-adhesive, Washable
The benefits of USP wallpaper for the kitchen counter Available in 3 sizes with a width of 60 cm, PVC surface with lamination, Washable surface, Water and steam resistant

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