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Catalog number: A1-JZ_4obw5   Manufacturer: Artgeist

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Catalog number: A1-JZ_4obw5   Manufacturer: Artgeist

Product description and specifications

Zoškrabávacia mapa

Do you like adventures, plan to explore the world or would you like to give someone an exceptional gift? The scratch-off map in the form of a poster in English is an original and practical decoration for both experienced and novice travelers. It is an exceptional and simple way not only to immortalize your trips, but also to plan further trips.

Capture your trips!

The Scratch off Map - (English Edition) emphasizes the individuality of your interior and gives it character. Thanks to the special laminated surface of the scraping map, you can scratch off the countries you have already visited. After scraping selected places, the scraping map will become an excellent artistic element of your interior, because each state is marked with a different color and the entire color palette of the scraping map was created by our specialists.

Trip planner!

This decoration is also an excellent planner for other trips - thanks to the laminated surface, you can make notes and notes about your expeditions. Attached to each scraping map is a wooden scraper and a set of stickers to mark selected places.

Zoškrabávacia mapa

An exceptional gift!

The scratch off map will be an exceptional and original gift for any occasion! You can give it to loved ones or acquaintances as a souvenir from joint trips, for fans of near or far expeditions and also for those who are still planning their trips.

It is also an original gift for occasions such as:

  • birthday
  • a farewell gift to the bride and groom
  • a wedding gift on the occasion of a new common journey through life
  • moving - as a decorative element to a new home
  • Christmas gift

Scratch off map in an elegant tube - choose a tube according to the occasion!

Each map is wrapped in a gift tube, which is an exceptional gift package in itself. Choose from 5 designs the one that best suits the occasion.

Write your personal gift note on the decorative tube and personalize your gift.

Zoškrabávacia mapa

Thanks to the scratch off map, you will be able to collect and show all the countries you have visited so far, as well as highlight other planned trips. Thanks to the harmoniously and professionally chosen colour palette, the scratch off map will look just as great before and after scraping selected places. Each country is marked with a different color, thanks to which the places visited are different and at the same time form a harmonious and artistic whole on the map.

Thanks to detailed topographic features, such as the shape of the continents and oceans and their geographical distribution, the map ideally shows all areas, making it easy and pleasant to mark the places visited.

Zoškrabávacia mapa

Enlarged view of Europe!

The scratch off map of Europe contains an enlarged view of Europe, which allows you to mark even extremely detailed places.

5 colour versions!

Our scratch off maps are available in 5 different colour versions, so you can choose the one you like best. You can find other patterns in our shop.


Scratch off map placed on the wall - how to best display your map?

  • as a scratch off map - poster: hang it on the wall as a poster
  • as a scratch off map in the frame: insert your scratch off map into the frame or frameless grip and hang it on the wall
  • like a scratch off map on a cork base: attach the scratch off map to the cork board and collect photos, notes and memories

Frames, frameless sets and cork boards are not included.

Product features:

  • size 100x50
  • map and tube in English
  • non-woven canvas
  • the specially laminated surface allows scraping and wiping the notes
  • current political division (state of 2018)
  • high quality HD printing perfectly displays all the details
  • a set of stickers and a wooden scraper are included
  • packaging in the form of an elegant tube
  • enlarged view of Europe
  • topographic and geographical details
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Location To the children's room, To the living room, To the office

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