Picture painting by numbers zebra & leopard

Catalog number: A1-MAD_0001   Manufacturer: Artgeist

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Catalog number: A1-MAD_0001   Manufacturer: Artgeist

Product description and specifications


Awaken your creativity!

Are you looking for a creative way to relax? Do you want an original adventure to which you could also invite your loved ones? and at the same time awaken creativity and feel like a real artist? There is nothing easier! Discover the latest hit among the original hobbies - painting by numbers. The colorful coloring book for adults is a great idea how to spend free time. Painting by numbers is designed for all ages. Ideal for amateur painters! After painting, it fits perfectly on the wall as a decoration.

We present a complete painting set for adults and ambitious children older than 12 years.

The set contains:

  • Canvas with printed pattern and numbered fields
  • 2 brushes with different bristle thickness
  • A set of acrylic paints in containers, mixed especially for the selected pattern
  • The included painted sample will help you paint the picture correctly

Beneficial effects of painting

Did you know that painting has a beneficial effect on your body and mind?

  • It relaxes
  • It develops creativity
  • It teaches patience and concentration
  • Develops manual skills
  • Improves the accuracy of movements and supports their coordination

An original gift!

Coloring book is a great gift idea for the artistic soul. And not only that!

  • Give someone a creative free time
  • Give friends and invite them to paint together
  • Give to your loved one as your hand painted picture

Painting by numbers!

Painting according to the instructions will allow you to achieve a professional effect without any help. The whole painting process is described step by step with detailed pictures. The manual also contains a brief overview of painting techniques.

See instructions:

First-class materials

Quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame (100% spruce wood), professional brush and high quality acrylic paints - your painting will become a real work of art!

Perfectly adapted colors

More than 400 different shades of colors prepared by our artists. Separate color mixing is not necessary! Clear field contours, fields numbered according to the corresponding acrylic colors, allow accurate image reproduction. Choose a color according to the field number and start your artistic adventure!

Ready to hang

You do not need additional frames. The canvas is already stretched on a frame made of natural solid wood and fastened with clamps. Paint the sides with color and your image will get a modern look.

The highest quality

Our coloring book is a high quality product from the EU with the CE mark. Detailed safety instructions are also given in the enclosed instructions for individual products.

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Benefits of USP painting by numbers A painting kit is included, Children's motifs in bright colors, It encourages creativity and develops fine motor skills, Suitable for children
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